Saturday, January 27, 2007

Lamb, layouts, some laying about and lotsa photos!

We had a very scrummy roast lamb for tea tonight. The girls had chocolate pudding for dessert, it was left over from last night when Dave made it with the girls while I was at Mel's scrapbooking.
Had a lovely (and fun) time at Mel's where our challenges continued and we had Angela join the ummm journey lol. We started with Allison's challenge (number 8) to scrap without using bazzil or kraft (the cardstock we usually use for everything). So here is my layout, of Elizabeth, for challenge no. 8

Mel set the next challenge, which was to write/journal/have your title on your photo.
So here is my layout for challenge no.9

The words surrounding Jessica are the lyrics for Bob the builder. She was wearing her bob overalls when this photo was taken December 2003.

Today has been a nice mix. We went out browsing shops this morning, got Jessica some new sneakers for school and Jade, our nephew, a birthday pressy. His birthday is tomorrow so its going to be late seeing as we have yet to mail it!! Megan entertained us with some magic (see photos of her disappearing act) followed by a circus act with 'Lion Jessica'. Then Jessica had fun posing in dress ups! The rest of us just enjoyed the time watching, nuggling and mucking about!

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  1. Hey there. They are very cool photos of your girls...hmm I can feel lots more scrapping coming up with those.
    Thanks so much for coming and making the day fun,

  2. allison9:06 PM

    Hey I love Jessicas strike a pose look....I can picture the layout now hee hee. SOunds like you have had a good day...and yes yesterday was heaps of fun

  3. Love the photo's Sharmaine, your kiddies are adorable:0)Looks like they are having heaps of fun, don't you just love school holidays.



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