Thursday, January 18, 2007

Hodge Podge

Didn't know what to call the post so seeing as its a bit of this and that... Hodge Podge it is!
We had a lovely time at Mum and Dad's last night. We all went for a walk after tea, fed the cows, got slobbered on by the cows, tried to catch some tadpoles in the dam, caught bugs and other creatures in the dam but no taddys. Took some photos, tried to get all 5 grandkidlets but it wasn't to be! Ended up with these 2 nice ones, 1 of Makayla and 1 of Lucy.

Today we went and took Dave out for lunch. We went to the Pizza Hut for all you can eat. The girls loved it!
I have just got back from the grocery shopping, Dave and I unpacked then I jumped in the shower but am still all hot and sweaty. Don't like this humid/muggy weather at all!!!
I hope Grandma and Grandpa enjoyed their trip over and you both arrived home safely, we have been thinking of you and I am sure will be talking to you soon. They came over to Launceston for a celebration dinner in honour of Grandma's Mother (also known as Grandma or Granny to our girls), who is turning 80 next month. Her 3 children and their partners all got together and took her and Grandpa out for dinner. Lovely :)
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  1. Allison8:59 PM

    Love the piccys and it sounds like you had a lovely dinner. I just want to say I love how your photography has improved.....I mean that in a nice way....I just love your piccys that is all.


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