Wednesday, January 10, 2007

My Baby's home and I don't like Bumble bees...

song springs to mind... 'squishing up my baby bumble bee'...
Ok back to the day, in fact I will start back at last night...
Watched the 20/20 cricket game sitting at the tressel table. Tried to scrap but it all didn't come together the way it was meant to so after an hour or so I gave up, disappointed in my attempts, and we just watched the cricket. Good game though!!
This morning we went to Mum and Dad's and picked up Megan, she has said several times that she is glad to be home and I am glad she is home too!! After having lunch there we went to visit Allison for an hour or so. Hadn't been there long when I felt something crawling under my shirt, flicked it out and squashed it. Saw it was a bumble bee and then felt the stings he had left behind. We found 2 nice bites that were starting to puff and turn red. And just now I have had another look, because they are stinging again, and there are at least 4 bite marks and a huge welt around one of them. Nasty creatures!! So it has been a week for stings and I hope that is the end of it!
Tomorrow is meant to be hot again so I promised the girls we would get the paddling pool out for a while, should be a nice relief for a warm day!
Dave is out the back taking down another lot of Christmas lights. The lounge room looks bear without the ones in there. He still has all the ones out the front to do, last weekend was too wet to get all of them down. When he has finished this lot we are going to try and pick the apricots that have been beyond my reach, hope we get them down, yummmmmmmm
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