Thursday, January 11, 2007

A not-a-bad-type-of-Thursday

The girls had 2 lots of fun outside in the paddling pool. We went out after morning tea and then later in the afternoon. I set up the little clam shell paddling pools in the shade of the apricot tree and they all loved it. Photos below, love the one of Elizabeth flicking her hair and I think the one of Megan is the most natural one I have taken of her, love it.

Today we also had a visit from Bron. It was great to see her again, hadn't seen her for months, and even better to sit and yack for a bit. The girls went a little feral but seeing as we were inside avoiding the heat there wasn't anywhere to hide from that!! Hoping to see Bron again next week, will see what happens with that.

Tomorrow we are venturing to the library to return our books, so we might see what else we can find to do out and about. The holidays seem to be slipping by quickly, only 4 and a bit weeks left till they go back to school :(

Loretta and Makalya arrive tomorrow too for a week with Mum and Dad before heading back to Darwin, hope to see them sometime, not sure when.

PS my bumble bites are still sore and the big welt is nice and red, Jessica is still complaining about her bite too, which is also still red and lumpy.
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  1. Allison7:19 PM

    Looks like the girls had a great time and the photos look fantastic!!

  2. Grandma5:21 PM

    Love the photos, and it is great to see Megans new front teeth instead of a gap!


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