Thursday, February 15, 2007

Back to school sooks

and all from me!! I really didn't want them going back to school today, but it's one of those things that, as a Mum, you have to let them go. But let them I did and by cripes it was hard, poor Dave got to see me cry as he was walking out the door to work, so the girls didn't see, and thankfully both girls had good days, well up till now lol. Jessica has gone to bed in tears and doesn't want to go again tomorrow. By the morning that should have changed :)
So today we dropped Megan and Jessica off at school and headed to Kmart. Went to see if I could find some sort of storage for Megan's room (her room is a huge mess and she needs somewhere to hide it all!). Anyway didn't find anything but did pick up this! Was reduced, because there are bits missing, from $80 to $12! Doesn't matter about the missing bits our girls LOVE IT!! From there we went to Dave's work and I had a coffee and Elizabeth and Lucy something to eat. That was lovely and I was happy that we could do that!! Came home and Elizabeth and Lucy played all day with our new purchase, as did the other 2 when they got home.
Have to share, when we got to school this afternoon Elizabeth, out of the blue, asked "Does God have a middle name?"...
Will leave you with a photo each of our school girls! (Megan really didn't want her photo taken!!)

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  1. just to prove I love you...

  2. Wow what a bargain you found at Kmart!! That is awesome for $12. The school photos of Megan are very cute :O)

  3. I meant the school *photo* of Megan is very cute, not photos, lol. She looks too cute and unimpressed with those feet rolled over,


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