Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Oh, it's nice to sit down!!

What a busy, runaround day its been! First stop was the fruit and veg shop, petrol station, school to pay school fees, home for a coffee and pick up Megan (did I mention Dave took today off so he could stay home with the other 3 girls while I took Megan to the hospital?? What a gem!), hospital, shoe shop to Megan some new sneakers for school, Subway for lunch (Megan hadn't had it before and nagged me enough to go), back to the van, went to video shop, who had sale on, and got Dave a copy of Malcolm on DVD (great Movie), butcher, baker (no candlesticks thanks) home again, woke Lucy, back in the van, supermarket for the grocery shopping, home again, bbq for a special back to school tea, kids in bath, kids in pjs, kids in bed, did you hear my feet sigh??!!
So there you have it my day thus far!!
Hope its been a lovely valentines day for everyone :) A big hug if it hasn't :)
Ok the Dr said what I thought he would, that he didn't know what was causing the belly aches and it's probably one of those things. But we have to take a stool sample and head on back to see him in 6 months. so thats what we will do, yay me gets to go a poo scooping ;)
Our BBQ back to school tea was yummy although far too much food! Photos below and you get to see that they had jelly in a cone for pudding :) So yes it's back to school tomorrow, Grade 2 for Megan and Prep for Jessica. They are both looking forward to going back, I'm not lol I have loved having them home.
Night all!

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  1. yummmmmmy I want some of that....ohh and I looovvveee Jelly in a cone

  2. Julie LOVE1:55 PM

    Lovely photos Sharmaine and OMGosh what a busy day you had!!!



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