Monday, February 12, 2007

A concept is born

and as usual I thought of it in the shower!!!
I heard that today was National Compliment Day and started thinking about that and the movie 'Pay It Forward'. So today Dare To Be Nice was born! Find the link on my side bar or click here and head on over for a look and PLEASE BE DARED! Email the link to anyone and everyone, add it to your own blog, spread the word and get on being nice! There will be prizes given away at random so it might be worth a go and, more importantly, you might make someones day a little nicer too!
Anyway back to our day... Public holiday here so YAY Dave had the day off. He was such a wonderful man, started the day with pancakes for us girls and ended it with golden syrup dumplings!! YUMMO to both!
Today the mail delivery man didn't have the day off he arrived with a box full of shampoo and conditioner samples. I have been picked to do some testing for the new word-of-mouth opinion panel site Yooster. I was surprised that I was picked, thought there would be no chance of ever being picked lol, and totally surprised with the pack, it contained 2 200mL bottles of shampoo/conditioner and 30 sample packs to give to family and friends so they can try it too! How cool is that! So if you want to go check out Yooster: CLICK HERE They have only been running a little while I am so far happy with the site.
So there you go, homework for you all, check out Yooster and let everyone know about Dare To Be Nice (after you have taken up the dare of course!)
Seeya and hope its a nice day for you, wherever you are!
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  1. Hi! Just browsing blogs and love the Dare To Be Nice idea... I also love all of your scrapping pages, very nice! Have a good one!


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