Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I sigh

for many reasons.
*Because Dave isn't here
*Still feeling lost with my two big girls at school all day
*Because Dave isn't here
*feeling a little obsolete, nothing to do when Megan and Jessica aren't here. Is a feeling I have never had and I DON'T LIKE IT!!
*Because Dave isn't here
*I got so bored today that I did some mending that has been sitting around for months begging to be done!
*Because Dave isn't here
*I am tired. Dave woke at 5am to get ready for the taxi. As usual everyone else woke as he left and didn't go back to sleep
*Because Dave isn't here
*I am tired. We stayed up and watched CSI NY, why do they insist on putting on good shows so late when its only a Monday!!!???
*Because Dave isn't here
*All the girls are in bed
*Because Dave isn't here
*All the girls are in bed but none asleep
*two sleeps and Dave will be home, except it will be more like 20 sleeps the way I sleep lol
Hope your Tuesday was sigh-less and you have a wonderful week!!
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  1. Won't be long and Dave should be back :O)
    Hey you and your clan are more than welcome to come and visit me any day when you're bored :O)

  2. Grandma8:44 AM

    wish you were all closer so you could come and visit me when David is away!!!Love to you all


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