Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Proud of me??!!

I used the time Dave is away and scrapped 2 (YES 2!) layouts last night.
This first one, of Megan, is about how she loves water now but before.... well as a baby she would scream, as a toddler she would cry, as a preschooler she did both but now... Its also about how I hope she learns to swim properly and continues to enjoy it. Julie Love had mentioned, on her blog, how she wanted to scrap using more photos so I took up the challenge and here you go:

This one is of Ralph, Megans beloved toy dog. The last time she stayed at Mum and Dads she came home with this lovely cat collar that Poppy had caved and bought her. Boys really do wear bling!!

Today we didn't stay home. We went and visited Allison, then after lunch went to Mum and Dad's. Was a very busy day, doing all that between the school run, and I am feeling very tired now, but it SEEMS to be all quiet so here's hoping it stays that way!! I was in bed a bit after 10.30 and slept right thru till 6.23am which is Elizabeth and Lucy's usual time of yacking so much I wake up!! Hoping for another night with sleep right through!!
Happy Happy Joy Joy
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  1. Hi Sharmaine, Glad to here things are going well for you while your husband is away, must be hard work for you without his help.
    I love your new lo's. I love all the small photos on the water lo. Did you print them out yourself? They look great.


  2. Yep, I'm proud of you :O) good job doing those two layouts miss clever. They look fab too!!!! I love all the photos that you have used in the water one. cool.

  3. Julie LOVE9:26 PM

    OOOhhh I LOVE your challenge layout!!! looks SO super and I am shocked that you got stuck into it SO quickly....I am still thinking about mine LOL

    HOpe you get a good nights sleep


  4. Answers:
    Ange,Yes I have a Kodak Easyshare so am limited to 4x6 and whatever sizes can fit on that.
    Mel, thanks *g*
    Julie, say after me "JUST DO IT" lol Love a challenge so THANK YOU


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