Saturday, February 24, 2007

Saturday Post Number 2!!

Ok so Uncle Samuel isn't here... We had a little bit of drama:

Around 4.30pm Lucy, the dare devil, was standing on top of a plastic wash basket, they use them to store their shoes etc but hers is used as a step into bed, showing off, when she lost her balance, while getting down, fell backwards and banged the back of her head on the window sill that is at floor level. Anyways it split the back of her head open. We all went to the After hours Dr, DAve drove while I held a wet face washer on her head. They had a half to quarter hour wait so I took the other girls back home to finish off cooking tea. Went back to get Dave and Lucy when they got out. The Dr had put some 'glue' on the wound and we put a bandage over it at bedtime (which has since been taken off by Lucy, she didn't really want it on). Can't wash her hair till Wednesday so the 'glue' can pull everything back together.
So our evening has changed, Samuel and Louise were almost here when we rang to say we were off to the Drs and thought it better if they came another day. Poor Lucy has a lovely way of remembering her 2nd birthday :) Everyone at the Drs said Happy Birthday to her so she loved that :)
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  1. omg Sharmaine, the poor little darling. Ouch, that looks awfully ouchy! I can imagine the blood, not nice.
    Isn't the glue marvellous though!?

  2. janinek9:22 AM

    Ohh, and head cuts bleed so much it is awfully frightening!! At least the glue wouldn't be as traumatic as stitches. Thanks for your congratulations on my pregnancy, much appreciated.


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