Saturday, February 24, 2007

Apple pie in the making!!

Dave is cutting up the apples, that had fallen from our tree, and about to stew them ready for some of his yum apple pie!!
Lucy is in bed and the other 3 are 'meant' to be watching a movie, one of the DVDs one of them got for Christmas and they hadn't watched yet. Elizabeth is between the telly and the kitchen, she is usually Daddy's kitchen hand and feeling a bit left out lol.
Uncle Samuel and Louise are coming for tea, to wish Megan a belated happy birthday and an early one to Lucy. Have to go to the butcher to get something for them to eat, we have kievs out for tea so will have to go get 2 more.
Dave and I watched 'The life of David Gale' last night, at our 'movies'. Interesting movie with quite a few twists.
Can't think of anything else but will leave you with this piccy of Megan, dancing to the Rouge Traders this morning. Love that she likes wearing 'girl' stuff and looking forward to seeing her 'look' develop as she gets older, although I have no doubt there will be words from Dave or I like 'you are not wearing that out of the house' or 'that is too short' or 'your not really going to wear that, are you??!!' or 'put on something to cover your belly!'. All fun :)
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1 comment:

  1. She really does look like a rock chick in this it.
    Will talk to you tomorrow when I ring little miss lulu for her birthday!


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