Friday, February 02, 2007

Yay it's Friday

and I keep saying that!!!
Well, Davie Babes is on the plane home, another hour and he SHOULD be back on Tassie soil.
We picked Megan up today and left Jessica for her turn at Poppy's house. We had lunch there before going to Allison's for a while. Before home and here we are :)
Hey want to hear something funny?? Of course you do lol well Elizabeth got a touch of sunburn today... where, did I hear you ask, well lets just say her plumber look will be mighty tanned!!! For those who know our kids it is no surprise, all of them, no matter what pants they wear, have an issue with a certain exposure of a certain body ummm crack...... Elizabeth is a winner when it comes to being asked to pull her pants up!! Why is it that kids clothes are not made for kids without hips??!!
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1 comment:

  1. allison6:27 PM

    ROFLOL....E wouldnt be E without her plumber look time we will have to remember to sunscreen there!!!!
    Glad Dave is on his way home and (((hugs))) for being you and thanks for the visit today


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