Wednesday, March 14, 2007

An early post

because I don't know if I will be online tonight or not. We had an early lunch, some cranky girls in need of it, and now Lucy is in bed and Elizabeth is resting on the couch, so I am not wasting the opportunity!! Although my computer thinks differently! It just froze so I had to start over!! Grrr
Anyway, my happy snaps for today:

I had to laugh when I visited Mel's blog just now. She had a photo of her clothes line too!! Who knew! Anyway it makes me happy to see my washing on the line. It doesn't always make it out, depends on the weather, time and kids. I do the washing everyday and am so thankful that I always have enough pegs to hang everything out.

It makes me happy that my kids love fresh fruit as much as I do! I swear I could live on it and be happy!!! This photo of Elizabeth makes me happy because I love that she loves food and slurping watermelon has to be a top ranking pure joy in my book!!

It has made me happy to have lots and lots of cuddles today. I tried to take this one of Lucy on my knee but it's not quite the result I was looking for but once the camera came out there was no way she was staying on my lap, cuddles or not!

I finished off the journaling today for this layout that I started lastnight while Dave was at soccer training. Not 100% happy with it but just had to scrap about Megan's love of reading and how she has always loved books. So the journaling is about how she used to love being read to as a baby, how going to school was a treat (ALL THOSE BOOKS!), and now she is thriving in her home reading and just loves to read.
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  1. LOL love the clothesline pic!
    And I love your layout - how did you do the title??
    Have a good week phantom girl :O)

  2. I see my clothes are on display again...


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