Thursday, March 15, 2007

Oh for the love of Friday

and not even Friday... just a part of it... that part that means the working week is over and the weekend has started... that moment is the reason I truly love Fridays!
Megan enjoyed Guides/brownies or whatever it is called now because I'm confused lol
She stayed by herself, which was nice, so I went and did the grocery shopping. Only had to wait 15 mins or so before she finished so used that time to read a scrapping magazine. Resourceful ain't I??!!
Today was a lovely day outside, they said on the weather it got to 28 but it didn't feel quite that hot when we were outside. I weeded some of the garden while Lucy and Elizabeth amused themselves on the mini tramp I pulled out of the garage.
This afternoon Megan had after school sport so Dave picked her up at 4.30 when that finished. She loved it! They played soccer and her team won, I think that might have helped the 'like' factor!!
My happy snaps from today

It made me happy to be invited to a tea party today! I was given chocolate and egg... lovely combination when it's pretend :)

It made me happy to be able to talk to Dave via email this morning. For whatever reason I have missed him lots today, don't like that feeling, which is silly seeing as he was only at work!!

It made me happy to be able to take photos today. I love it when I can capture 'moments' and it makes me happy when the 'subject' complies.

Don't forget to check out Allison's blog, her secret isn't too far away from being revealed AND it is sounding JUST BRILLIANT!!!!!!
* Mel the title on the layout were stickers, hand-me-downs from Allison which were David Walker from Creative Imagination.
* Dave I love you and don't mind sharing that fact even if it means showing of your attire :P LOVE YOU
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  1. i suppose its OK to show my attire, as long as you wash it first....


  2. I have those days where I miss my hubby like crazy too. Wouldn't it be wonderful to just win powerball and they'd never have to go to work again....ahhhh, what a dream lol.

  3. hey you....thanks for the natter today...I really enjoyed it!!!!


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