Thursday, March 08, 2007


is made of, as I take up Mel's challenge to find things that make me happy everyday...

My Mobile makes me happy because it means I can talk to Dave everyday and happiness has to start in the heart!

My Jug makes me happy because I LOOOOVE coffee!

And having a clean(ish) sunroom makes me happy! Knowing that the girls have somewhere to play makes me happy.

I took the challenge one step further. I love green (shhh don't tell the other colours because I do love them equally!) and so took some photos of green things that make me happy.

Green tomatoes make me happy, knowing that soon they will be red and yummy

My big tub of mint makes me happy, love the smell, the taste and how it is super easy to grow!

Iced green tea, a new thing for me, love that it doesn't taste like tea!!

I love apple everything, smell and taste. This gets sprayed when a dirty nappy has been changed. So it makes me happy because of it's smell but also for the fact it means that someone has good bowels and that's got to be a good thing!!right?? doesn't it??!!
Yes I know that last one is a little out there but it does make me happy!!
Today Elizabeth, Lucy and I made some rice muffins, had lots of left over rice so experimented and the results weren't too bad at all!!!
We also stayed for assembly at school this morning. We got to watch Jessica be a pig in her class performance and Megan introduce a painting. Was nice even though we didn't stay for the whole assembly.
Received a lovely pack from Mel today, was for sharing a recipe with her. Had some lovely ribbons, chipboard flowers and some rubons. THANKS MEL :)
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  1. Hello Sharmaine,

    Love your green!!! I especially love the photos of your garden, but must admit to being a big Glen 20 fan too lol.

    Thanks so much for your kind comments, and for visiting my blog :-)

    Megan xx

  2. oh i LOVE that playroom, how lovely for the girls to have a room to share and play in. LOVE all your green things too, lol about the toilet spray! What colour are you going to do tomorrow? more green things? or another colour?

  3. janinek2:06 PM

    Had to chuckle over the air freshner - thought maybe covering bad smells makes you happy! LOL!! Love the layout in the post below, very funky. I am doodling challenged!


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