Friday, March 09, 2007


No its not a spelling mistake, just wanting to feel ummm French??!!!
Ok so more of Miss Melly's Happy Challenge:

YES FRIDAY'S MAKE ME SOOOOO VERY HAPPY!!! Anything that signifies that Dave will be spending more time at home (ie with Me) makes me happy!!!

Our back door step. It makes me happy to sit there in the sunshine. I sit and watch the girls play or read. I think I would love life as a cat!

I love dirty plates, why I hear you ask??!! Well, it means that what I cooked was eaten and enjoyed! Tonight was no exception a very yummy chicken korma curry with noodles and veg.

Ok so taking Mel's challenge with my add on I picked blue for today's colour (and am thinking why did I set myself such a hard challenge cos it is hard!!).

I love this necklace and earring set Dave bought me while we were in Melbourne, my bling!! I haven't worn them yet, occasion and attire needed, but I love love love it and it makes me happy because its another sign that I am loved and someone has faith in me looking nice!

Blue sky makes me happy because it means dry washing (hopefully), kids playing outside and everything just feels so much nicer, why is that?? I mean I like grey but oh blue just does it!!

Daves work shirts, although some are white, make me happy. Makes me happy that he wants to go to work, enjoys what he does and that he does it to make us happy. I love the smell of them, I love that Dave irons them, I love the way Dave looks in them and I love when they aren't on Dave because work is over for the day! He was home by the time we got back from school again today and that makes me happy too!

So now you see how easy it is to find things to make you happy I challenge you to take on Mel's challenge and find 3 things, each day, that make YOU happy!!
Today Allison came to visit with 4 of her Day Care kids. Was lovely to have them all over to play and I know Elizabeth and Lucy loved having them all here.
Have to share this photo of the sunroom, see yesterday's post for the before photo. Allison told me to share, so I will *g*

It really isn't that messy in comparison to the usual state it gets left in, but it makes me happy to see it played in and the toys appreciated. Thanks for being part of the mess Allison :)
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  1. oh I so so so want that bling necklace and earrings - it is beautiful! Love all your blue pics and other pics - i love how you've photographed Friday on the calendar, too cool.
    waiting patiently for tomorrow's pics.

  2. hee hee I totally love the mess piccy!!!! thanks for doing that!!
    oh and thanks for having us hee hee

  3. the man who knows he cant win11:41 AM

    Im going to ban you from using the camera without supervision!!!

    I find it amusing that you photographed the calendar on the back of the toilet door...which makes me wonder what you were really going to take a photo of. Then I discover that my wardrobe has been plastered on the net...

    Maybe I need to lock the other cupboards in the house...

    You dont need the necklace to look nice...


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