Monday, March 12, 2007

Happy things come in threes???

I have 3 lots of 3 photos to share so there has to be some happiness in there doesn't there??!!
But first whats been happening here??
Yesterday we went and collected Mum and Dad and then went down to where Dad grew up. We went to scatter some of Uncle Allan's ashes. He died in October on Bathurst Island and Dad brought back half of his ashes for my cousin. So we met up with Dad's siblings and some of their families before going back to my cousins for a bbq tea. What I love about Dad's family is there is always laughter and lots of good food.
Afterwards we went back to Mum and Dad's and left the girls there for their 'holiday'. Today Dave and I went in to town, had a walk around and in no particular order we: went to Subway for a $1.50 breakfast roll (and for $1.50 it was yum!), had an ice chocolate at Hudson's, bought a few bits at Spotlight, who had a 20% off sale for today only, went to 2 bookshops (one of my favorite places to shop/browse/drool!) bought 'Fantastic Mr Fox' by Roald Dahl to read to the girls and that was about it as not much was open with the public holiday. We were home by lunchtime and I spent the afternoon scrapping while Dave played on his computer and the Nintendo.
Ok on to Mel's happy snap challenge:

Picnic bars make me happy and Dave bought us one each today so I was very happy!

I love seeing 2 cups of coffee. It makes me happy to sit and have a coffee with Dave and that is what we did today! Mine is black and 2 if you ever feel like making me one :)

Scrapping makes me happy and this afternoon I completed 3 layouts so that made me very happy. Having the trestle table set up in the side of the lounge room, having things sprawled out on the couch and just being able scrap makes me happy. Dave took this photo and that makes me happy too!

Now my happy colour challenge. I went to do this the other day but my camera battery died so here we go with ORANGE.

Dave gave me this 'My Little Pony' a couple of Christmas's ago. He kept asking what I wanted for Christmas and I always replied 'A pony' so he surprised me with this lovely orange one. The following year I gave him a similar one. It makes me happy to see it. Now when he asks what I want for Christmas I say a green elephant.. still waiting for that one :)

My Orange buttons make me happy. So happy that I bought 2 containers, full of buttons, at the craft shop, just to have the orange ones!!

Yeah I know the photo isn't orange but my carrots do make me happy! It makes me happy that the girls love to eat them freshly pulled from the garden. Now that's how gardens should be!

Now on the the third lot of photos. I completed these 3 layouts this arvo, 2 of Jessica and 1 of Megan

Yes more handcut felt flowers :)

Yes more doodling :)

Yes more buttons :)

Tomorrow I have to pick up the girls, Megan and Jessica have a student free day. Dave is also going to soccer training tomorrow night, his first for the season. So it's already shaping up to be another full day. Hope your Monday has been ok and a lovely start to a nice week. If you get the chance go check out Allison's blog, the link is on the side of my blog. She is revealing a big secret, a little every day, and I am looking forward to hearing all about it!
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  1. Great happy shots, love your pony. I'd like to see a green elephant too rofl.

  2. Grandma3:55 PM

    I love the way you find such happiness in the everyday things of life,keep it up. I also love the words you write on your scrapping of the girls, it is a wonderful way to tell them how special they are, just like their mother and father!


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