Saturday, March 10, 2007

Au Reservoir

Keeping the French theme going and we just watched 'Robots'...
A slow but busy day today. We pruned the nectarine and peacharine trees today, they are now looking VERY hacked and more like stumps! So we are hoping it hasn't jepordised our chances of fruit next year!! Dave had 2 trips to the tip and while he was gone the first time I took the girls to 'the grassy spot' for a run around.
Ok, on to my happy photos for today:

Makes me happy watching Dave cook with the girls. Grandma you will be happy to know they 'cooked' lime parfait and Jessica was first finished and ready for more!!

My bed is going to make me very happy later on cos I am more than a little tired today!!

I felt very happy watching the girls enjoy 'Robots' before bed tonight. Love it when they can sit, doesn't happen often, and watch something start to finish! Was almost the quietiest it has been all day!!

I didn't get to do my happy colour photos today but this photo, taken today, of Lucy, makes me happy :)
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  1. love love love your doona cover Sharmaine, might havetosteal that along with the bling necklace :O)

  2. bonjour Sharmain..(lol, couldn't resist a bit of french)

    Loving your happy snaps. Love that your DH cooks, mine can manage packet choc chip cookies rofl.


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