Thursday, March 01, 2007

I know I used to eat worms but...

I am now WAY over them!!! Today is a wet wet wet day and all I have done is get wet and loads of washing!! Last night we found out that Megan has thread worms so this morning we went to school and then staked out the chemist before it finally opened at 9am. So now we have a tablet each to take at the same time tonight, synchronizing watches!!
We then went to the fruit shop before coming home drenched! Have stripped all the beds and washed all the towels. The towels are now dry, thanks again Grandma for the dryer, 1 load of washing is now in drying and then the sheets will be next. I have 3 clothes airers full of washing as well. Happy Happy Joy Joy!! Hoping that getting rid of the worms will make improvements to lots of things, eating habits, temperaments, tiredness etc
Lucy is in bed, although making too much noise to prove she is asleep, and Elizabeth is playing in front of the telly. Thought I would make the most of the 'stillness' and blog so I don't have to tonight. Earlier today I asked Elizabeth if she wanted some music on. Her reply was 'no I like the peace and quiet'... I would have to agree with her!
Hope you have been to visit The Thank You Blog, link on the side bar, go on do it right now!!! please ;)
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