Friday, March 02, 2007

A full Friday

at least thats how it has felt!
lots of running around this morning, in the rain, but everything got done!!
Library had to be done today, books due back, but there were lots of new books sitting right at the front of the bookstands so it was a super quick trip!
Post office to get some bags to post things in.
Big W to get the 'nice' prize for week2, still getting week 1 together to post.
Chickenfeed to get 4 frames to put photos in for the hallway. Seem to have run out of frames, once there was a time I had too many....
Bakery to get a roll for us 3 girls to have for lunch and a cheesymite, to share, for morning tea.
Think that was about it...
Allison is coming for tea and then a scrap. Hoping to cover a journal/album for Bron and Murray's engagement present. Their party is tomorrow arvo so if I don't get that done I will have some shopping to do tomorrow!!
Can't think of much else so hope the weekend starts off wonderfully!
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  1. Yayayayyay sharmaines cooking me a roast yummmy i love her cooking.....hee hee ohhh and I am also excited that we are scrapping together lol....

  2. Grandma3:57 PM

    I know the rain is a pain as far as the washing goes, but if you have too much send some our way and then I will not have to cart buckets of water from the washing machine out to the dry garden! Hope you enjoy your weekend and congratulations to Bron on her engagement.

  3. jeepers creepers Sharmaine - that is one crazy old day. I'm sorry I can't come tonight :O( but I'll do some scrapping and think of you girls while I do it.

  4. Wow, you have been a busy girl. Hope you get heaps done tonight and I can't wait to see your new creations:0)


  5. JULIE LOVE9:18 PM

    Have fun scrapping tonight Sharmaine!!! although I figure that more chatting than scrapping will be taking place LOL

    Have a great weekend



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