Thursday, March 22, 2007

Proud Mum Moments

Yes we have been busy busy busy!!
lets see... Tuesday Megan and Jessica had afterschool sport and loved it.
Wednesday... Allison rang and invited Elizabeth, Lucy and I to a Harmony Day event that Family Day care were running. IT WAS EXCELLENT! The girls and I had lots of fun. There was a jumping castle, painting, dancing, trucks, slides oh just lots and lots to do! and we did!
From Allison's we went out to Mum and Dad's for lunch and then back here to pick up Megan and Jessica from school. Home in time to cook tea and then took Megan to Guides. I did the groceries, dropped them back home and then went and got Megan before we came home to have our tea.

Yesterday Megan and Jessica had their sports carnival at school. I was very proud of their efforts! Megan came 1st in the 50m and 4th in the 100m while Jessica came 2nd in her 50m race. They are both in the Yellow team which won overall. They won last year too which was a huge boost to Megan's confidence, as the team she was in at the old school was always the one with the least points and she always came near last.
Today was meant to be a quieter day at home, yesterday felt like most of the day was spent driving, but it wasn't to be! We went down to Mum and Dad's again to pick up some meat. Spent all morning there and then picked up Jessica from school. Jessica came home with a 'shining star certificate', making another proud mum moment! She received it for her enthusiasm towards reading.

Megan had after school sport and Dave got her on his way home. He also got them tea (I had rang and asked if it was possible cos I am pooped!). So now Dave is at soccer training and I was hoping to scrap but, and I quote straight from my message to Allison on MSN:
"2 lil girls who don't want to sleep,
a computer that doesn't want to work
and 1 lady who just wants time to scrap
and knows that the other 3 are against her
in a bid to not let her have any scrap time!!!!"
Just as well I don't have a 'need' to scrap!! It's 2 hours since I first turned the computer on and half an hour since I started writing and I still haven't uploaded my photos!! These days are sent to test my sanity I'm sure lol Thankful that Lucy went straight to sleep, she is pooped too! She only had a nap in the car the last 2 days so is missing her day sleep. Megan has been in and woken Elizabeth so its already been an interesting time grr :0)
Hope your Friday is a lovely one, for me Im hoping it goes quickly so it's weekend time!!!! Seeya :)
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  1. Well what an eventful couple of days hee hee.....glad you enjoyed Harmony day it was fantastic....busy but good.

  2. jane fitchett9:26 PM

    hi Sharmaine
    you are one busy mum!congratulations to the girls
    hope you get to scrap over the weekend

  3. Grandma7:36 AM

    Congratulations to the girls on their many achievements. Love the photos as always. Hope you all have a good weekend.

  4. Congrats to the girls.

    Gee, you are one busy bee aren't you...just reading about everything you do makes me want to have a nanna nap lol


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