Friday, March 23, 2007

Lunch with my Honey

Had to laugh at Mel D's comment...Nanna nap... in this house??!!I think I would need a handsome prince to come wake me from my slumber if I took any kind of nap let alone a nanna nap! Just as well I have a handsome prince up my sleeve, but yes I sit and sigh at my days too!! I sit... hmm I try to sit... with a coffee...zzzzzzzz
Today we dropped Megan and Jessica off at school, petrol station (I don't like that no one is complaining that prices have gone up again) then headed to the supermarket to get some more watermelon, on instructions from Elizabeth who felt we needed to restock, and some rolls for our lunch. Then we waited (and waited and waited) for the library to open at 9.30. Returned our books and got out some newbies.
Home again, home again jiggity jig.
Refueled our energy levels, made some lunch and headed back out the door. We went to Dave's work and had lunch with him, much to the enjoyment (and entertainment) of his co-workers!
Home again, home again jiggity jog.
Wasn't going to put Lucy to bed but she begged me to do it, no ok it wasn't beg it was more like plead, no ok it wasn't a plea it was more of a OH MY GOSH I AM SO TIRED ALL I CAN DO IS BE CRANKY. Yep I think that is what it was. It worked ;)
Woke her an hour later and when she had finally woken up properly, i'd like to say the sleep helped but sadly it didn't, we hopped in the car again and picked up Megan and Jessica from school.
Home again, home again jiggity jug?? Jeg?? Jag???
Not long after that Dave came home YAY and so it's official IT IS THE WEEKEND!!!! Hip Hip (say it with me people) HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO RAY!
So now with a coffee, tea, kids in bed and the night ahead of me I feel like a new woman... no I don't... sorry folks don't know where that came from!
So I really do hope you have a truly wonderful weekend, enjoy every moment and think of me tomorrow night, slaving away at Allison's for a pizza and scrap night HEHEHEHE I know it will be tough work but I hope to do you proud and come home with some layouts to showoff :) Ok so I think that's it from this neck of the woods.. why do they say neck of the woods... where is the rest of the woods?? The chin, the waist... the armpit.... ok I AM GOING NOW!!!
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  1. lol..I don't actually GET to have Nanna naps, although I certainly feel like them some days......actually, MOST days rofl

  2. roflol.....maddness and yaya to tomorrow night...I cant wait lol

  3. JULIE LOVE8:07 AM

    LOL love reading your blog Sharmaine!! and I especially love all your home again, home again jiggerty jigs (I think I spelt that wrong though LOL)

    Have a great weekend ok Missy


  4. you're a nutter!


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