Saturday, March 31, 2007

A quiet day mostly at home

We went out this morning and Dave took us to Donut King. The girls loved it! I call Dave our Donut king so just had to take some photos. Alas I only had my mobile so the photos weren't fantastic but most of them turned out better than I expected, although one went psychedelic and a couple had lines thru them. Hoping to scrap them tonight. Happy to share a coffee with you now though!

Dave kept nagging me (yes I can see his grin when he reads that on Monday morning at work!) to go to the scrap shop. I did and happily helped him realise why I don't like to go. It's too sad how I can never get anything I want! And no I am not joking! It is a huge gripe I have and I am going to shush now before I start ranting about the lack of quality scrap stuff here in Southern Tasmania!!! Yay to Allison stepping out with her kits! LOVE THAT!!

The rest of the day was spent around home. Megan rang just a little while ago, she has been fishing and asked me to bring my camera tomorrow when we pick her up. Glad she is having fun!

Was pleasantly surprised when I opened this afternoon. SOOO MANY VISITORS!!!! And what is very exciting is that, as I write this, 3 other people have completed layouts and so I am about to email Elsie to tell her about the blog and all the people who want to thank her for the wonderful work she does and the inspiration that she is to so many. Here is my layout for the blog and tomorrow I will post the new challenge for April. Looking forward to seeing other's creations!

Dave and Jessica are watching Funniest Home Video. Seems to be a Saturday night routine now and the girls love it, and I hear Dave chuckle from time to time too!!

Thanks to those that have said Hi before they left. Waving Hi back to BJ, wondering where you are from to be so far away??!! And if you haven't said Hi yet... what's stopping you??!!


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  1. lol demanding lady.....yeah I am wondering who BJ is too??????
    Love your layout and you thankyou blog!!!

  2. Wow, I wasn't aware of the thankyou blog, great idea!!!!

    Mmmm, I enjoyed that coffee with you, thanks for sharing it lol

  3. JULIE LOVE5:05 PM

    totally GORGEOUS PORGEOUS layout Sharmaine!!! and thanks for the sip of the coffee YUM YUM


  4. Anonymous8:27 AM

    I'm too shy to say hi...


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