Sunday, April 01, 2007

Why do Monday's come around so quickly??

Its not that I don't like Mondays, its just what they symbolise. Dragging yourself out of bed as you realise the alarm has been going for half an hour and IT IS MONDAY MORNING! then rushing around before heading out the door. The fact that there is such a huge length of time between Monday and Friday and yet such a small amount between Friday and Sunday doesn't even bare thinking about!

So I won't! I will go back to a happier time... Saturday night :) I finished the Donut King layout and am happy with how it turned out but not too happy lol

I was blessed to be able to buy the stampers pack from Altogether Scrap THANK YOU DAVE, and we picked that up this afternoon on the way to pick up Megan. I love all the stamps, and ribbon, paint and ink but ohhhh the stamps! Have admired them on other peoples layouts for a long time so am sooo happy to be able to get my own! Can't wait to use them! Allison has new packs for April coming on the site soon so make sure you have a little looksee at this month's packs. Love them all!!!

Megan had a fun time with Mum and Dad at their shack. She got to see penguins, catch some fish and this star fish. He fell apart so we had to put him back together for the photo (yes the gross job was given to me!!).

She didn't really want to go in the boat this time but was brave and enjoyed it.

Tonight I updated The Thank You Blog. Come on over and have fun with this month's challenge. Here is my layout, I love seeing the washing hung out and often wonder when my full basket in the morning will have grown to 2 baskets full because everyone has grown so much!

Take care and hope you had a lovely April Fool's Day. I know Megan did! Her and Poppy were fooling each other all day and Megan was delighted to share her 'bottle of lemonade' with her sisters when we turned up. The look on her face and then the scream of APRIL FOOL as they drank the water was priceless!!
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  1. LOL Megan is always one for a joke. I didn't even click that it was April fools day today..oh well. Love love the layout..Both of them. Also love the pic of megan with Ma Shir and poppy.....

  2. Anonymous8:30 AM

    Hi again

  3. the lemonade joke..priceless.

    Love the freestyle approach to your donut king layout..the addition of the serviette is fantastic.

    Hmmm, thanks for putting the *long* week, *short* weekend theory in my head, hadn't thought of it that way before..blah. Should be the other way around really lol.


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