Saturday, March 17, 2007

socks, scrap sites and some other sods and odds...

Yesterday we went and got Elizabeth 4 new pairs of socks and today it was Megan's turn... Why is it that their feet insist on growing?? why can't they just stay small and baby like?? You know they type, the kissable, edible, sooo soft, soooo cute type of feet that are adorable?????
Hey want to be part of something big, wonderful and gosh soooo good??
Check out the launch of Altogether Scrap
I am so proud of Allison for taking the steps to start this new adventure and thankful that she has a wonderful supportive husband and family to get behind the idea and just run with it!!! I wish them all well in this new journey and look forward to seeing it flourish!!! All the best Allison :)
Hummmmm what else...
Not much really lol just hangin' out with Dave and the girls, enjoying the weekend and wishing it wasn't over soooooo quickly!!!
Hope your weekend is super dooper wonderful and thanks for dropping in, hope to see you again soon :)
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  1. JULIE LOVE8:48 AM

    Hey Missy did I spot some of your gorgeous creations in Allison's gallery :0) WELL DONE they look awesome!!!

    Have a fun sunday

    JULIE x

  2. I checked out Alli's new site and it looks fantastic doesn't it!!!!

    lol @ the socks..its the same here unfortunately. And don't kids socks cost the earth??

  3. Allison2:23 PM

    ummmm I confess was me that did the layout of megan....shhhhh ohh actually Sharmaine knows lol...I took the pic of megan one day and just had to scrap it!!


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