Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Hope you all had a lovely day. We had a day off to commemorate ANZAC day. Megan was in the parade for Guides so I took her and watched. She had to be there at 8.30am and it was a cold, but not freezing, overcast morning. Photos (can you spot Megan in the second one?):

Megan is around the middle of the photo, wearing a navy top with light blue sleeves, near her leader who is in a burgundy vest... spot her??!!
She then had to stay for an enrolment and a play in the park. So we were home around 10.30.
It felt like a Sunday afternoon, dragged on! So we took the girls for a walk around the block via a reserve for a run and explore. The day got a little quicker after that.
Off to Elizabeth's speech therapy again tomorrow. Hope your Thursday is lovely too :)
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  1. I "think" I can spot her!! My eyes just about went cross eyed though squinting to figure out where she was, LOL
    Hope you have a lovely Friday,

  2. Hi Sharmaine,

    I have TAGGED you over at my blog so be sure to go check it out.

    Take care,



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