Thursday, April 26, 2007


That's me today! Just before going to bed last night my nose was runny and today its been the same plus more!! Lots of sneezes and feeling ick.

Dave left this note on the whiteboard for me this morning, although I didn't feel 'hot' (sorry Dave) it made me smile (thanks Dave!).
For those who can't read his scrawl... Your day might not be good, you may not be feeling great, but you still look hot to me!

Finished off this layout today too. It is the first layout that I have stewed over and left for days before finishing, doing bits every now and then.

Speech therapy went well but I can see that it is going to start getting harder for poor Miss Elizabeth. Today we took the sounds we learnt last week and added vowels to them. So the P sound becomes Pu and she needs to find the picture that goes with the P sound. She struggled and then found other things to do so we will be doing lots of homework before the next session in a week!

Hope your week has been snot free and that your Friday flies!!
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  1. Totally love your layout......especially knowing how much Meggy is growing up!! Looks great!
    Have a great friday snotty nose lol

  2. Oh I LOVE that layout too Sharmaine!! How gorgeous.
    Aww, what a cute message on the whiteboard :O)


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