Sunday, April 08, 2007

A bunny and some fluffy bunnys!

and I have lots of photos to share that will tell you about our day. Lots of chocolate, too much before 7am lol Grandma you will be happy to know I gave in and broke my egg around 9am, am I back in the good books now lol!!! It took 2 coffees to get me to the 'I think I can cope with chocolate' stage though!!

Both Megan and Jessica wrote notes to the Easter Bunny. I didn't matter that I said he couldn't read or write, being a rabbit and all, but they left these:

Megan's was a questionnaire so she knows what to leave him next year. When they got up this morning there was a little paw print on each and he had answered Megan's questions with the Yes circled (I figured rabbits would LOVE exploring seeing as Peter Rabbit got into so much trouble), a drawing of carrots and the other yes circled... hope he really can cook!! They were very excited to see that he had been and equally excited to see that he had 'stamped' their drawings lol Megan commented that the carrots looked like the carrots I draw, I said that I hadn't ever drawn carrots but she reckons that she has a photo of me drawing carrots... Like to see that!!!! Jessica's was a drawing of Mr EB and a car (not sure why the car but anyways) and the writing says Easter Bunny I like your eggs. And whats not to like :)

Had to take a photo, this one was the best of about 10 that I took, of all 4 girls in their 'fluffys'.

This conversation made me laugh so have to share. Elizabeth's bedtime routine includes her asking what are we doing tomorrow.
Tonight I replied, as I sometimes do, 'I don't know, what would you think we should do?".
Her well thought out reply "Can we have some more Easter egg". How can I refuse lol. Grandma your family sweet tooth certainly is dominant in the gene pool!

Mum and Dad were here for tea and so Jessica went back with them. Going to pick her up Tuesday and Mum asked if Megan wanted to stay again so we will see what happens there.
Hope it has been a lovely Easter Sunday for you all :)
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  1. Looks like you had a great Easter...The girls look all beautifully dressed up ready for church too!
    Happy Easter!

  2. Sharmaine your photos are gorgeous - glad to see everyone had a great Easter. Hope the EB answered all his questions correctly lol!

    Megan xx

  3. Grandma10:57 AM

    So glad to hear that the girls have enjoyed their Easter eggs and glad to know that you finally had some chocolate before the day had progressed too far---very proud of you! Love all the photos and the letters to Easter Bunny. Soon be Elizabeth's birthday do you think she would like some more chocolate????!!!!! Grandma would always be happy to send some!!!


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