Monday, April 09, 2007

Do I need to pinch myself??

Is it really Monday?? Sure doesn't feel like it *g*
So what have we been up to???
* Dave looked at the car, changing tyres, checking oil etc etc
* Shopping, Elizabeth got some new pjs, a colour in book each for Megan, Jessica and Elizabeth and a story book for Lucy, some pens for me and a pack of 20 big colour in sheets for Megan and Jessica. Seems colouring in is the new thing for those 2. They have been doing lots.
* From there we went to the park before home for lunch. They had loads of fun on the slides and swings!
* Lunch, Lucy to bed, me for a nap, Megan colouring in, Elizabeth and Dave vegged.
* Bubbles in the arvo
* lots of washing in and out
* more chocolate eaten after lunch, Elizabeth has finished her big egg.
Not much else that I can think of :)
Off to Mum and Dads tomorrow to get Jessica and possibly leaving Megan.
Hope its been a nice Monday for you too :)
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  1. Sounds like a good day all round!!

  2. oh Sharmaine, your Easter egg pics of the girls are so cute!
    Happy belated Easter little Miss Phantom :)


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