Friday, April 13, 2007

A day at the park

well a morning anyway!! Allison invited us to go meet her and her 5 Day Care kids at a park, so we did! The girls had a great time, inventing story's of lava, caves, oceans and the like! Lucy loved climbing up and down and up and down the ladders and slides.

We left the park to come back here in time for lunch. We then got to watch 'Ice Age 2'. I have to say I was shocked. I thought our girls would have used up so much energy at the park that they might have sat to watch the movie BUT NOOOOOOOO!! Sit they did not! Up and down Up and down. One of them every 5 seconds!! So much so that one of Allison's day care boys keep telling me when the 'squirrel' bits were on because I love those parts of the movie! Total crack up!!!
Dave was home a little before 4pm (YAY) and as I heard him pull in I put the jug on. He heard me making us a coffee and I heard him say 'what a good girl' or something like that lol. Glad we could have a coffee together :)
Dave has a game of soccer tomorrow morning and I will have to have that appointment with the supermarket in the afternoon. Hope you have a lovely weekend!
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