Saturday, April 14, 2007

What my eyes saw today

In no particular order this is what my roving eye spotted today:

* 2 Games of golf held around the house.
Score: J 32 47 M 17 13
* 8 legged cow
* A bull fight
* Dave leave for soccer
* Dave home from soccer
* 8 footed camel
* Elizabeth too big for her boots

* Darth Vader
* Lucy master high heels till she got to the back door step when 1/2 the shoe was on the top of the step and the other 1/2 down.
* Elizabeth enjoy the cuddle game.
* Megan and Dave play a slap hand game.
* The cracked pepper on my tomato and cheese toasted muffin before it got stuck in my teeth.
* Megan and Jessica be unsuccessful in some ballet lift manoeuvres.
* A water fight.
* The biggest carrots our garden has grown, still not huge but big for us!
* Darth Vader reading a catalogue.

And if you haven't seen it on telly then check out Shaun the Sheep its on ABC in the mornings and has become a favourite. Love it, tickels my funny bone!

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  1. Well your freaky eye saw lots of cool stuff about lucy although I doubt she thought it was very funny!


  2. rofl..what a classic post. Love the eye. Dunno that I'd want to see an eight legged camel though rofl


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