Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A Lunch date, a layout and a little housework

that about sums up my day
so won't have to tell you anything else...
oh ok ok I will
but only because you asked so nicely...
or was it your evil glare that made me change my mind??!!
Dave came home for lunch today, yay. It was his first day back at work after the Easter break so it was nice to see him through the day. The girls loved having him home too!
Vacuumed the house today, ick not my favourite job, and did a general clean up. Thankful for the results!
Last night Dave had soccer training so I scrapped and completed this layout.
We left Megan at Mum and Dads yesterday, for another 'holiday'. Dad should be on the plane to Darwin right now, he's gone for 3-4weeks. So we will be picking up Megan tomorrow. Also going to drop in to Allison's for a play and I bought the 12x12 pack (VERY YUM) will pick that up tomorrow too and am looking forward to playing with all of that when I get the chance to scrap again.
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1 comment:

  1. The layout is cool, you know I've never played mini golf but it looks fun, good old family fun.

    Mmm I did housework too today :o(


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