Sunday, April 22, 2007

What were you doing at 2am this morning??

Me... well I was awake. Lucy woke me at 1.47am with a loud "Mummy" at my bedside, then proceeded to climb in with us (this is something that doesn't happen so a little surprising in my un-wakeful-ness). Dave hopped out of his side and came around to get her, as she was trying to crawl into the middle. Back to bed she went. Then 2am and Elizabeth calls out she wants a drink. So up she gets then me as I realise her cup is in the dishwasher and she will need a new one. On the way out my door I collect Lucy who is also wanting a drink. In the kitchen now and out wanders Jessica. Drinks anyone... then Megan comes out to make it a clean sweep and now I feel we need a party or something just to have an excuse for the house having so many lights on at that time of the morning!!!
This afternoon we have mucked about here. Dave and I sharpened pencils while the girls coloured in. Cooked a yum roast lamb for tea. Dancing, playing etc etc
Dave has already set the table up so I think I am scrapping tonight ;) Thanks lovey :)
Took some photos of the girls this arvo too. Here are one of each:
Love the photo of Megan. She has just the most perfect freckles!!!
Love this photo of Jessica, cracks me up!!Elizabeth did her usual thing and I only got a handful of photos of her and most were blurry!
Lucy Lucy Lucy... This photo just says it like it is!
Thanks for visiting and hope the new week treats you kindly :)
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  1. Grandma11:07 AM

    thanks for sharing all those lovely photos, where are the ones of you and David?

  2. yeah, where are the ones of you and david!!


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