Saturday, April 21, 2007

Saturday means....

soccer for Dave (usually) so today we dropped him off and went to hang out with Allison for a couple of hours (thanks again Allison and Dale. meant a lot!) then went back to watch the last half of Dave's game. Won't tell you the score (someone might cry lol) but we were back in the car with 15 mins to go because it started to rain.
This morning we went out and about. Didn't do much but nice to have the time together.
Megan and Jessica are watching Funniest Home Video with Dave, still lovin' the giggles that I hear :)
Hope your weekend has started out great, Grandma I won't tell you that I can smell you just yet ;) but hope your new hot water cylinder is in place Monday before we do smell you!! *g*
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1 comment:

  1. Grandma9:50 PM

    thanks for your concerns for our smells!!!! just as well you all live so far away. Glad to know that David could have a hot shower after his soccer.


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