Thursday, May 03, 2007

All about a 4 year old!!

Been a little while since I had a 4 year old, well 23 months lol

Elizabeth had a lovely birthday. A few pressys, lunch with her Daddy, birthday tea was pizza (the KFC went out the window the day before as she changed her request), MaShir (my Mum) came for tea with more pressys and we had yummy food with a whopper birthday cake!!

Today we had speech therapy. This week we are doing sounds with the vowel first, so she has to listen for those in her homework. This afternoon Allison came for a visit with 4 kids. We all enjoyed having them here.

Dave came home early, so we had a coffee before he picked up Megan and Jessica from after school sport.

Tomorrow I am hoping for a slow day around home :) A still sniffly from this cold, been a week now I think, and the girls were all awake at some point thru the night last night so hoping to slow it all down a peg :)
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  1. jane fitchett8:38 PM

    happy birthday to elizabeth- sounds like she has had a good day. we are about to lose our 4yr old and gain a 5yr old in about 2 weeks :)


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