Monday, May 07, 2007

Goodness me!!!

Have a look at this!! So proud of Allison and the kits she is putting together and so glad someone else can tell her lol

Ok on to our day... busy! returned a pair of slippers Mum bought for Elizabeth's birthday (right size but no way was her foot going in!), returned a game we bought yesterday with Elizabeth's birthday money (it was to go with the Interactive DVD game we got her but it wouldn't go past the 2nd level) and will be returning the newest one again tomorrow (DOH) as that didn't work properly either!!! We also did a little grocery shop and found a little boy who was lost so that gave us a talking point for the day ;)
Not much else. Tomorrow is another slightly busy day too and hope your day is full of smiles!
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  1. JULIE LOVE3:32 PM

    Wishing you a HAP HAP HAPPY DAY Sharmaine!!


  2. Sharmaine, I agree!! Allison does a fantastic job and offers brilliant packs!! Well deserved.


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