Sunday, May 06, 2007

Just some thoughts

I have been meaning to write this for sometime but forget till I am offline!!
I was fortunate enough to have a little peek at the May packs that Allison has put together for Altogether Scrap and have to say they are all amazing and you will have to be on the ball to get one! I am hoping for one too!! Yum Scrum Dee Yum!
I was reading the April Edition of Memory Makers magazine and was really inspired by Sandra Magsamen's article 'Let the Artist in You Rule'. She talks about how we are all artists, from cake making to flower arranging, singing to scrapbooking. "Art is simply communicating in endless ways with great possibilities". I think we all have a God given potential to create it's just we seem to think that someone else can do it better. "Creativity, imagination, play, exploration and curiosity are qualities and gifts we are born with". Loved what she had to say and felt encouraged to think more about sharing my layouts with others. Will see where that leads!! You can read more about Sandra here
I was also reading Kim Archer's blog and she was talking about a conversation she had with Emily Falconbridge about being a Freestyle scrapbooker. I think that is me too. I am still evolving as a scrapbooker, I know that I know very little about it, have only been scrapping for under 2 years, I don't know many 'rules' BUT those I do know I don't follow and I enjoy the process. My motto 'Just do it'!
So there you go, just a few thoughts that I needed to get out there, I think that was all lol!
So come on share... what are your thoughts??
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  1. Thoughts eh...ummm...I cant find any through all this elevator music in my head!


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