Tuesday, May 15, 2007

In 2 hours

I completed these 2 layouts, proud of that effort lol

Also on a scrapping note, check out http://scrapjacked.blogspot.com/ I love the layout that they are scraplifting at the moment. Love love love it!!! But as I just said to Dave, I think it's the heart that I love, because that is my yummmm colour lol.
Ok on to the daily grind... Allison came to visit today, ended up only being for an hour but am grateful for that hour as it was nice to hang while her kids/our kids played. Thanks Allison :)
School rang at lunchtime to say Megan had a belly ache so we went to pick her up, which meant no play group today.
Dave was home about 3.30 so we had a coffee together, and for that I am grateful too!!
And now, taking a leaf out of Lusi's blog (see side bar for link), 5 things I am thankful for today.
1. that it was only Megan who I had to go pick up from school
2. friends and time spent with them
3. DAVE and any time spent with him
4. having an outlet that allows me to create (who'd have thought I would ever say that!)
5. being able to blog and empty my brain of the things that clutter it, well some of the things!
Hope you have plenty to be thankful about today.
Take care :)
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  1. Hi matey :)
    Love those 2 layouts! How quick are you - Mother's Day photos scrapped!!!! WOW!!!! You go girl ;)
    Lus x

  2. Hi Sharmaine,

    I just adore the photo you have used on the LOVE YOU layout - that is priceless! Both layouts look fabulous.

    I hope Megan is okay now....poor little thing with the tummy bug :-(

    Megan xx

  3. Beautiful work..and how quick are you?? Well done.

  4. JULIE LOVE4:44 PM

    WOW those two layouts are wonderful...how cool in two hours :0) GO SHARMAINE!!!



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