Monday, May 14, 2007

We've been catching bugs,

just in case you wondered why I have been quiet!
Let me explain
Picnic/Birthday bug:
We went to Joe and Anna's Hudson's 2nd birthday at the botanical gardens. Nice time, catching up with friends and enjoyed the sunshine.
Soccer bug:
Dave had soccer (they won 3-2) we got to see the last half after Elizabeth, Lucy and I picked up Megan and Jessica.
Visiting bug:
We visited Allison on the way to Mum and Dad's.
Belly bug:
We picked up Megan and Jessica and Megan had vomited earlier in the day, she did another when we got home around 5pm and then again about 10pm. She isn't quite 100% as yet but very glad noone else caught it.

Staying at home bug:
We stayed home just in case anyone else had the stomach bug.
Mother's day bug:
Had a lovely day, Lucy brought me crumpets in bed,
I was given some lovely gifts (Megan made a scoubidou, Jessica decorated a box and Dave gave me a flash drive).
I hope you had a fantastic day!
Photo bug:
We went out to Big W, just to test the flash drive and I printed out some photos YAY.
Noodle bug:
We had noodle boxes for tea and they were YUMMO
Washing/cleaning/around home bug:
pretty much says it all lol and thats how today has been.
Scrapping bug:
Friday night I scrapped this layout of Jessica

Forgetting bug:
Anything else I will blame on the forgetting bug *g*

Ciao :)
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