Friday, June 01, 2007

Everybody's on Holidays

Those are the words of a little song I made up (how strange I hear some of you say and others shaking their heads saying yep that'd be right!!!) and I have been singing that since getting Megan and Jessica from school this afternoon! Sang it as Dave walked in the door and all through making a special holidays tea (chicken rissoles never tasted so good)!

Hey Hey Hey It's winter!!! We had a sprinkle of snow on the mountain overnight just to prove it lol. What I love most about Winter is that it means Spring is just around the corner!! Elizabeth, Lucy and I went and had lunch with Dave at his work today. Elizabeth was VERY happy when I said we could get lunch from the bakery. We had a lovely lunch and I love being able to share it with Dave :)

This morning I updated The Thank You Blog . Shared this layout, as the challenge for June is to create a layout regarding 'a deed'. For more on that why not go have a look, hope it inspires you to create.

Take care and thanks for stopping by :)
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  1. yay for holidays!! Am totally jealous of course!

  2. Grandma11:55 AM

    I also say yay for holidays because it means I will be seeing you very soon, in the meantime have a great relaxing time and let the girls have a night night!!!!!


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