Saturday, June 30, 2007

Scrap the Girls

For those who haven't visited yet Scrap The Girls have their first challenge. The theme "Things you do". So last night I used it as a way of scrapping the stage that Lucy is going through at the moment!!

Today we have been busy doing lots of things around home, apart from walk/ride to the 'grassy spot'. Megan painted a piggy bank Uncle Samuel gave her, Jessica and I made some window Decals with a kit she got for her birthday last year, Megan and Dave played 'hallway soccer', lots of playing in the sunroom and I even, please don't faint Grandma, I even did the mending!!!! I amaze myself sometimes ROFLMO!!!!!

Dave's meant to have soccer tomorrow arvo, I say meant to as the team sheet STILL hasn't been posted on their webpage so WHO KNOWS lol. Us girls are going to visit Mum and Dad and then Allison before going back to watch the last bit of his game. Well that's the plan, will see how that goes!!
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  1. LOL, don't kids do the funniest things, what a great lo, you'll have to whip that one out on her 21st.

    I love all you other recent lo's too, I have been trying to post comments to you for a while but couldn't get it to work for some reason.


  2. Hey you know I totally adore this layout and happened to be on the phone to you during one of these occasions lol.....lulu certainly gives you reason to keep on your toes!!


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