Friday, June 29, 2007

Happy red nose day!

Jessica bought a red nose at school this morning and wasn't to pleased when I pulled the camera out this arvo lol We stayed for assembly this morning. Jessica announced what her class had been doing and then held the mic for each person as they explained their work.

Believe it or not I scrapped last night!!! I just had to with the photos and story all fresh in my head. It's a layout for the One Little Word challenge. This weeks word is "NEW" and it was very appropriate for Elizabeth this week. I will probably scrap again tonight as Dave has study to do and if I am occupied I can't annoy him, well that's my plan lol
Journaling says "Mashir made you this funky hat and you love to wear it! Today you asked to wear it till after Teatime and you did!"
she wore it again today and love love loves it!!!
Hope your day has been kind and you have a super weekend.
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  1. This is so cute!

    one little word

  2. lol, the look that Jessica is giving you as you've snapped that photo is priceless. Gave me a lovely chuckle this morning.
    Loving the layout too Sharmaine!
    Gorgeous colours,

  3. love this LO! she is pretty little girl!


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