Monday, June 11, 2007


It's been very quiet around here hasn't it??!!
Yes the quiet has sent me a little crazy...

well no more than I usually am lol
So why has it been quiet??
Saturday night we went to Mum and Dad's for a bomb fire and crackers. They were only smaller fireworks, ones you don't need permits for. So we went out there and had tea and then when it got dark, which was about 5.30, a neighbours of theirs came up with their grandkiddies and we lit the fire and watched the fireworks.

Then Dave and I left the girls there for a 'Poppy holiday'. Sunday we woke at 8am (WOW that is a huge sleep in for us) and thought we would still head off to Church for the early service, which we did.

Came home for lunch and then went to drop Dave off at soccer (they won 5-0!!!). I then went to visit Allison for a bit before heading back to watch the last half of soccer. We came home, had tea and then I scrapped. Created these 2 layouts.

Then this morning, after sleeping till 8am AGAIN, I scrapped these 3 layouts.

After lunch Dave and I went to pick up the girls. Megan has stayed for another night as Mum was coming out this way tomorrow.

So now the silence has gone and we are back to our 'comfortable' noise level lol

Tomorrow will be the final countdown to Grandma's visit and we hope you have a smooth flight over on Wednesday!
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  1. LOL Sharmaine, you cracked me up with that crazy photo of you! I nearly spat my cup of tea back out, lol.
    Gorgeous layotus, wow you've been busy. I love the little drawn lines with the journaling on - way cool!

  2. Grandma8:31 AM

    this time tomorrow I will be on the plane to see you all, can't wait!!! Love all the layouts


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