Tuesday, June 12, 2007

One more sleep

and Grandma will be with us!! Yep in the morning we will head on down to the airport to await her arrival. Yes it is like Christmas!!!
Today we have rolled out the red carpet, to make sure it's up to scratch, practiced our curtsey's and polished our toe nails.... no... oh... ok...
This morning Jessica and I spent between the GP, pathology and radiology. Went to get her heart checked out again, she has a heart murmer but has been getting blue lips, which has worried her mother a tad! So the GP got us to get a blood sample, x-rays and in a fortnight we are booked in for an echo-gram and Jessica also has to be hooked up to a monitor for 24 hours so thats all being done at the same time. So all fun and games and no idea of if it will even result in answers but at least we are doing something :)
Jessica wanted lunch out so we went to a little cafe, which excited her no end! She is loving food at the moment, growth spurt me thinks, so we had a lovely lunch.
Megan came home after 4 so its nice to have everyone home again although Dave is at soccer training tonight.
Thats about it for now so thanks for dropping by :)
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  1. Sharmaine I hope things go well for Jessica. And there's nothing wrong with being overly-cautious. Health is just one area you can't afford to be tardy.

    Keep us posted!
    Megan xx


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