Tuesday, July 17, 2007


missing Dave, tired and just flat so I'm going to be quiet and share some layouts I did last night. My 'new phase' seems to be a little says a lot:
Jessica had been complaining that I hadn't created a layout of her, so I did (shhh it's actually about me and my love of hats as journaling says "I love hats. Don't wear them, happy to buy them and blessed you wear them") Let's hope it was enough to stop her moans lol

And to add to the happier feel..
5 things that made me happy today
1 Talking to Dave on the mobile, his phone has been playing up ie he can ring me I can't ring him :(
2 Jessica got a certificate at school for her reading
3 Seeing my name on some blogs, lil' ol me in amongst all those amazingly talented people. Blows me away!
4 Having all the girls asleep
5 Talking to Bron on the phone, yay she's home (for now...)

night and thanks for visiting :)
Love you Dave

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  1. Love your layouts!! They are all gorgeous!!!

  2. Grandma3:07 PM

    Hope you are feeling better today knowing that David is coming home today. Wish you all had been here yesterday because we had SNOW and it was great. The girls would have enjoyed it as it settled both in the morning and again last night. Love you all.

  3. Those Lo's are awesome, I love all of them. And may I just say, your girls have the most amazing blue eyes, just gorgeous:0)


  4. Sharmaine! your Girls are Gorgeous!
    love your layouts and you miss Dave, i miss my Ron..hehe :D (he's been away for 3 weeks almost and will only be back late August)...

    have a good day!


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