Thursday, July 19, 2007

Let me see

have to turn the old memory bank on to see what has been happening since I blogged on Tuesday!
I completed this layout with photos of Lucy taken in February.

Yesterday Allison came to visit with 2 of her day care kids. Sadly they didn't make the day go quicker (yep that is their job lol). But Dave was home after we got back from playgroup and school. Megan had Guides so dropped her off, did the grocery shopping and then back to pick her up before coming home for our tea. So it was a rather long and busy day.

Today we had playgroup in the morning and mucked about at home in the arvo. Dave had a trip up to Launceston for the day so didn't get home till almost 5, a little travelled out I think poor fella :)

I finally collected the ummm turn away now if your eating or weak in the stomach... collected her poo sample so will take that in tomorrow and hope we get the results back before our appointment at the hospital beginning of next month. Gee it has been a challenge to get this sample! What with her being at school, us being out and about etc it's just not as easy as it might seem! So almost 6 months later we have it, bottled and ready to go lol
Ok you can look back now!!!
That's about it so I will love ya's and leave ya's :)
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  1. Hey Missed you tonight....well last night seeing it is morning now.Sorry I didn't do my job properly!! Ill try harder next time ;)

  2. Julie LOVE9:10 AM

    EWwwwwwwww about the pooh!!! but hey at least now it is all bottled up and ready to go...good luck with the results and loving the layouts as usual

    have a FANTABULOUS weekend Sharmaine



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