Thursday, July 05, 2007

A VERY Jiggety Jig type of day!

Busy Busy Busy is my new middle name!! Let me see...
Today we went to school, dropped of Megan and Jessica then stayed for playgroup. From there we came home to the load of washing that hadn't spun properly before leaving and found it still hadn't, dealt with that and then put it on the clothes horses before making lunch. Jumped in the car and Elizabeth, Lucy and I entered Big W to find their toy sale started today and it was mayhem!! I need to get Elizabeth some singlets and Megan a pair of school pants. Got the singlets and some clothes to send to Darwin for Mia and Makayla. In the car again to the fruit shop. In the car again to the shopping centre to find that Target and Best and Less didn't have Megan's pants either! On to the chemist and the newsagent before tackling the supermarket to get the things I didn't get in last nights shop. Then the butcher before coming home to unpack and then go pick up Megan and Jessica from school.
Megan had guides last night so that was my big supermarket shop YUCK.
Hey a little blog read revealed that it was SOMEONES BIRTHDAY if you have a minute why not go wish her a happy birthday shhhh don't tell her it was me that sent you ;)
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  1. You little rascal you! I missed you on msn but thankyou for the lovely birthday wishes :O)

    I was tired just reading all that you got up too!! You busy little bee,

  2. hi lovely! busy busy busy alright!!! you go powering on girl! you and the prov 31 woman give me so much encouragement! thankyou lovely :)
    And happy birthday to Mel too!
    Lus x


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