Monday, July 09, 2007


to Alexander Isaac Moore, Shane and Anna's new bub and number 4 for their family. He was born late last night and we went in this afternoon to welcome him. They were all well and our girls couldn't touch him enough!! Very clucky girls!
Last night I had fun mucking with my water colouor pencils and created:

I also completed another layout, for next month's challenge for The Thank You Blog. So you will have to return to see that one.
Today Allison and 3 of her Day Care Kids came to visit. It was a fun day and it made the day fly past, thank you for that Allison!!!
Tomorrow I have an appointment with my 'Super Guy' (as I like to call him lol) to try and make sense of my superannuation and FINALLY change my name on my policy!! Might as well get it done before our 10th anniversary lol
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  1. Welcome to the world little Alexander.

    Don't you just love watercolours,they are heaps of fun to mess around with.

    And lol @ waiting ten years to change your name rofl..sounds like something I would do.

  2. your husband!!!7:48 AM

    when did you change your name? isnt mine good enough for you???


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