Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Happy Happy Joy Joy

I received this in the mail today, Yummm diddly scrumptious! From KITIQ

Yeah I know I ordered and paid for it but...
To celebrate this and the fact that a while ago I clocked up my 4000th visitor (is now somewhere around 4200 so I am over due) I thought I would have a RAK for someone. To enter you can do one of two things. Join in my craziness and post a wacky photo of yourself on your blog then leave the link here in your comment OR show your sanity and just leave a comment. Either way you have till Saturday Night (Tasmania, Australia Time) to leave a comment and then I will get a lovely helper to choose a winner.
Gotta be in it to win it :)
Will have photo of RAK for you tomorrow night, all being well ;)
PS: I did something mad and posted a layout over at 2 Peas. My first ever posting there so another reason to celebrate lol Here's Me
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  1. LOL you crazy girl. Cool photo. Ummm let me think for a minnie....mmm I think I'll just be boring and post a comment rather than do the crazy photo thing - I know I know, I'm such a sookie.

    Hey that is one awesome stash - can't wait to see some of your layouts that you create from here,

  2. LOL Sharmaine....I might just be like Mel and post a comment instead! I just don't think I could do crazy any where near as good as you, so I'll leave it alone lol.

    Megan xx

  3. please dont say youre crazy...not again...


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