Wednesday, July 25, 2007

You can lead a scrapper to her table

but you can't make her scrap.Right???
I have had no desire to scrap of late but Dave set up my table last night and I amazed myself!! 4 layouts in just over 3 hours AND I didn't procrastinate once! Thanks again Dave :)

I am loving 6x12 layouts. I love that you can use a smaller photo, and even a cropped on at that, and it fits without too much fuss! Lovin' that! The photos on the layout of me, were taken on my mobile while waiting for Megan to finish Guides last week. So it was night, in the car and the only light was from the street light above. I love how they turned out and glad I took the time to play ;)

Elizabeth went well with her speech therapy appointment this morning, our homework for the next 3 weeks is to practice the 'f' sound. Pulling your teeth over your bottom lip and blowing. Is a concept that is very foreign to poor Elizabeth so it will take some practice and time in front of the mirror but I am hopeful :)
Paid all the bills too, so yay we are bill-less again!! LOVE THAT!
Megan has guides tonight, she is being enrolled next week, so that's why I thought I would drop in and say hi to you now, hi :)
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  1. Sharmaine! you are rocking the 6x12s *wink*

    gorgeous LOs!

  2. Gorgeous LOs Sharmaine :D especially loved the Ride Baby Ride ;) what gorgeous colours - yummy.

    Take care :D

  3. Love the layouts darl,they are great!


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